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The Right Formula for Classroom Tables and Chairs that Inspire

We believe our Numbers™ line of tables and chairs for schools can provide both comfort and inspiration in a classroom setting.
Our desk and chair sets are the winning solution for creating an inspiring environment in school. They provide flexibility, comfort, and accessibility.

All Students Welcome

Students come in all shapes and sizes. The chairs are developed to fit within both Euro and US standards creating more options for different sizes of students.

Flexibility in Movement

The seat shell follows the 360-position concept, so the seat is flat, with no large dish to the sides, allowing the student to move, fidget, and turn around the chair. Students are able to face front, back, or either side.

Nth Degree Comfort

he back and seat of the chair were designed separately allowing a more cushioned effect of the seat area. The top of the chair features a rim which allows a student facing backward to have a comfortable place to rest their hands and in turn creates a grip that allows for easy mobility throughout the classroom.

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